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Patient Reviews

"Dr. Schwartzman is the best dentist I have been to and honestly the most pleasant. Stephanie and Maral at the front desk are also the nicest office staff. I got injured, needed two implants, some root canals, and some other work done, and Dr. Schwartzman healed my mouth and teeth from a mess to looking amazing. I cannot really put into words how grateful I am for the attentiveness and care that he put into each appointment, along with his skill. Always answered any annoying question I had about what was going on and such. Three years later I am smiling every day. THANK YOU."

Julian Des Marais

"5 Star experience all the way! I have been a client of Dr. Zweig for nearly 15 years, and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Zweig is skilled, friendly, and no-nonsense. Going to the dentist is not the most enjoyable experience for most, but Dr. Zweig, Dr. Schwartzman, and their wonderful staff, techs, and hygienists help to make it pleasant and comfortable. I highly recommend Zweig Schwartzman to anyone for any dental issue. They do it all ... and they do it well."

Loralee S.

"This dental practice is great and I highly recommend them! From the front desk to Dr. Aaron Schwartzman and Pam, they are warm, professional, and thorough. They took their time and made sure I was comfortable and felt as little pain as possible"

Natasha S.

"I've been a patient for many years and am delighted with the work of Dr. Alan Zweig. An added bonus is his terrific support staff, dental technicians and hygienists. Highly Recommend!"

Lisa F.

"There are only good things to say about Dr. Schwartzman. He is caring, professional, and works to excellence at everything he does. The crown he made for me recently is perfect! It's like having a new tooth!

For a dentist who is excellent/outstanding and a bonus- you would look forward to seeing, go see Dr. Schwartzman."

Heather H.

"The office staff is always friendly and courteous and the dental work is top notch"


"Been going there for over 10 years. Professional and Friendly Staff. Run, don't walk, for all your dental needs."

Joe P.

"This is my first ever Google review and it's because this practice deserves it. I got text updates before my appointment. The receptionists hounded my insurance and prior dentist. Everything at the office was streamlined and done in the most efficient manner. Everyone on staff was very easy-going and pleasant to speak with.

Go there! It's a no-brainer."

Dayo A.

"Dr. Alan Zweig is an amazing dentist! Unable to visit his office for the last few months,I was greeted with the welcoming smiles of Miralle and Stephanie at the front desk.It felt as if I was an honored guest at a reunion.They are so efficient and on top of every appointment.

Next, my punctual and meticulous dental hygienist, Rali, took my X-rays .Dr Zweig told me that I was going to need extensive dental work, that was probably triggered by my condition and meds.I was very concerned, but Dr Zweig and Rali put me at ease. Rali explained my home treatment plan step by step.

Within a few days, I was in Dr. Zweig's chair.His delightful and conscientious assistant, Maria, was there to greet me and make sure that I was comfortable before, during,and after my time with the dentist. I was in the chair for more than 5 and 1/2 hours during my 2 visits this past week.I have 2 more appointments this coming week.Dr Zweig gave me a thorough explanation of everything that he would be doing for me.

Dr Zweig is the most competent dentist that I've ever known.There was no pain or discomfort. I felt so secure.I wish that I could give him an award for his evaluation and treatment of my dental issues.

Dr Zweig,I award you an E for EXTRAORDINARY EXCELLENCE! I'm so grateful that you're my dentist."

Linda R.

"This place is amazing. Never before have I had a group of dental professionals of this quality to rely upon. I had serious dental needs, which are now all completely resolved. Dr. Schwartzman is amazing. I am not a patient of Dr. Zweig, but he seems very thoughtful based on our interactions at their office."

Robert M.

"Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and preventing future problems has always been the focus of Dr. Zweig and his staff. Currently I am on a four month cleaning interval. The procedure was very comfortable, thorough, and informative. Once again I left the office with a spring in my step and a bright smile on my face!

By the way... the following is a review of mine from a couple years ago which may also be helpful...

Going to a dental office is not usually a positive experience for most of us. Having delayed a visit for some time, I finally decided I had to do something about the filling I lost last year.

From the time I arrived at Dr. Alan Zweig's office in Beverly Hills to when I left, the staff was warm, friendly and very helpful. After an exam, cleaning and x-rays, the crown I needed was created by computer (while I waited) and inserted all in one visit!

Experience combined with state-of-the-art services... Dr. Zweig is obviously a leader and one of the best in his field.

Thank you all!"

Terry B.

"The entire staff really did a great job with everything on my visit. Everyone from the front desk to the assistants to Dr Zweig himself was very friendly and in great spirits, which really goes a long way in creating a pleasant experience. They all did whatever they could to make sure I had whatever I needed and was comfortable the whole time. My appointment even finished earlier than it was scheduled to! Definitely would recommend to anyone!"

Howard T.

"What a terrific dental practice!!! I would give this group10 stars...if I could. :) They are truly a "patient first" office. Upon arriving to my appointment for the very first time, the entire staff greeted me with smiles and instantly made me feel right at home.

I had the distinct honor to be treated by Dr. Aaron Schwartzman. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, patient, understanding and takes you step by step through the examination process. He embodies how all Doctors should conduct themselves. Not only did he quickly identify the problem, he was able to efficiently address it, and get me back to being pain free once again. His work is very professional and gentle. From all my years having been examined by a Dentist, Dr. Schwartzman far surpassed all my expectations.

For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to my next dental appointment. From the Doctors, to all the staff...everybody associated with this practice is top notch. Keep up the good work and I'm so blessed to have found such a wonderful practice!"

Steve N.

"My visit was very pleasant. Dr. Zweig took the time to sit down with me and go over all of my options, including work that needed done and offered payment plans to accommodate me. I plan on making him my primary care dentist."

Benjamin S.

"I met Dr Aaron Schwartzman another time when I went first came to see him regarding a tooth that had recently been extracted. I went through a lot of pain, even surgery on my tongue and then finally came back to have Doctor Aaron look at my mouth and tell me what path I should take to get healthy. He is so kind and always has a smile. I know I have a long road ahead to get a healthy mouth but I have all the faith in Dr Aaron Schwartzman."

Gwen S.

"Dr. Zweig was my dentist for years. Sad to have left town - but now that I'm in Austin, I finally had to find another dentist. Every time I've gone in to the new place, they all exclaim and admire the veneers from Dr. Zweig! While I still miss that office, I'm happy to have gone there so many years!"

Michele M.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Zweig for over 30 years and I have never had anything other than a totally painless, safe and professional experience at his office. The Hygienists are always great with a very light and painfree touch and everyone in the office is warm and friendly. It is a great relief to leave having had a good experience at the Dentist. I think their office is run very well with a great deal of concern for the patient."

Ahavia S.

"Dr. Zweig has been my dentist for about four years now, and even though I have moved out of the area, I always go back to his practice for my cleanings. His staff is fantastic, polite, and extremely talented. Their processes and equipment are all top-notch. I see myself visiting them for all of my dental needs for a long time to come."

Tyler V.

"Had a great appointment today. A huge pet peeve I have with going to see doctors, etc is not being seen within a reasonable amount from my appointment time. I never have to wait more than 3-5 minutes for my appointment here. Additionally, I feel like my teeth have never been in better condition due to Dr. Zweig and his awesome staff!"

Este M.

"Just had my first appointment with Dr. Zweig, and will happily make him my regular dentist. The entire staff is professional and friendly. The equipment and techniques are fully modern, and the process for a regular checkup was painless. Will refer Dr. Zweig to anyone looking for a dentist in the L.A. area."

Alex G.