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How we create beautiful veneers in one day.

Now SmileSM cutting edge technology is nothing short of amazing. Digital 3-D images of your teeth are emailed to a Now Smile Certified LaboratorySM where a world-class master ceramist starts working on the veneers immediately, perfecting the subtleties. When the veneers are returned, you’ll have an opportunity to approve them before final placement. You are miraculously in and out on the same day.

How Now SmileSM Works:

Now SmileSM is an outgrowth of CEREC digital technology. CEREC is an acronym:
CHAIRSIDE: The technology is in the dental operatory and used while you are in the chair.
ECONOMICAL: The procedure is economical for both dentist and patient.
RESTORATIONS: The procedure restores your tooth to its natural beauty, function, and strength.
ESTHETIC: The restorations are metal-free and tooth-colored.
CERAMIC: High-strength ceramics are used that are close in physical characteristics to your natural tooth.

This phenomenal dental restorative system allows Dr. Zweig to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective amalgam fillings, or place cosmetic veneers in just one appointment. Dr. Zweig uses a special three-dimensional camera to take a digital picture of your prepared tooth. This picture is used instead of a traditional impression. This means no impression tray and material for you to gag on. The computer and CEREC software converts the digital picture to a three dimensional virtual model of your prepared tooth. You can watch the doctor design your restoration right on the computer screen, using the software. Once Dr. Zweig has designed your restoration (usually about 5 minutes), he clicks a button, and the design data is communicated via a wireless radio signal to the CEREC Milling Unit, which is in our lab. The restoration is ready in a few minutes to be tried in, glazed, characterized and cemented. You have a beautiful, biocompatible, durable restoration completed in one visit.

What are the advantages of CEREC?

The Now SmileSM Process

Because Dr. Zweig was not completely happy with the overall natural esthetics created within the dental office by the CEREC system alone, he created Now SmileSM. By enhancing CEREC technology, he is able to provide the quality of veneers for which he is internationally known.

Digital 3-D images of your teeth are emailed to a Now Smile Certified LaboratorySM. Emailing the CEREC files enables us to save days in the preparation of the veneers. While you go to lunch, the technician immediately begins to design your veneers on his computer. They are milled in a CEREC milling machine and immediately the technician uses his skills to modify them with different shades and translucencies of porcelain. Final shapes, textures, colors and arrangements of the veneers are accomplished on a hard model, which is sent to the lab by messenger. All efforts are made to make the veneers look natural and beautiful. They are then delivered back to our office in time for your return. Within one day, you’ve got a brand new, beautiful smile.

At your initial consultation we will discuss your needs, and what you want to achieve. In many cases we will do a mock up of the final result to insure that we are heading in the direction that you wish. When you are ready, all you have to do is pick a day. We will be prepared to make over your smile on that day! Of course, we can have it for you the next day, or any time after that, depending on your preference.

Gum Recontouring on a Now SmileSM day.

The advent of the dental soft tissue laser enables Dr. Zweig to reshape gums to a more pleasing contour. Uneven gum lines, or “gummy smiles” can ruin the appearance of a smile. The use of the laser can correct this immediately. Sometimes patients have small teeth (see before photo). This is an immature, child-like look. Removing some gum tissue and placing veneers results in a sophisticated, glamorous smile (see after photo). The laser is very delicate and only removes a small layer of cells. There is no swelling or shrinking of the gums as there is in conventional surgical procedure. Therefore, once the gums are recontoured, they are permanently corrected. This allows Dr. Zweig to prepare veneers immediately. No need to wait four to six weeks for gum healing and establishment of their final position. Coupling laser gum recontouring with CEREC 3D technology has led to the development of Now SmileSM, and our ability to redo your smile in one day.