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In The Media

Dr. Alan Zweig Takes Years off of Smiles on TLC’s “10 Years Younger”

Filling in Those Missing Teeth with Porcelain Crowns

Watch as Dr. Alan Zweig uses gold posts to replace missing teeth with porcelain crowns giving Iris a younger and confident smile on the television show “10 Years Younger”.

Getting Back a White Smile and Fill in The Gaps

Watch as Dr. Alan Zweig uses in-office professional whitening, composite resin bonding and closes the spaces in Michelle’s teeth to give her that smile she has always desired in the TLC television show “10 Years Younger”.

A New Bridge and a New Smile

In this television clip of TLC’s “10 Years Younger”., watch as Dr. Alan Zweig performs an artistic restoration on Lolita’s smile by replacing a chipped bridge and using LumaWhiteTM to whiten her teeth.

Performing Miracles with Veneers

Watch as Dr. Alan Zweig uses a new procedure he developed to change the yellow stains and sharp canine teeth with veneers giving Norma Jean a smile that brings tears to her eyes on TLC’s “10 Years Younger”.


Dr. Alan Zweig demonstrates Luma White Technology on “How Do I Look”


Get Back Your Pearly Whites in Just 24 Minutes

Dr. Alan Zweig demonstrates on the Style Network television show “How Do I Look”, how Luma White™ can whiten teeth in half the time of other professional whitening procedures.


Dr. Alan Zweig Correlates a Whiter Smile with a Younger Appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show”

Dr. Alan Zweig Expresses the Importance of a Whiter Smile on the “Dr. Phil Show”

On the Dr. Phil Show Dr. Alan Zweig shows through whitening 6 people’s teeth how a whitened smile can help take 10 years off of your appearance.



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