Beverly Hills Dental Implants

ALL on 4 Implants in Beverly Hills

Have you been toying with the idea of getting Beverly Hills dental implants but need more information before you’re ready to make a decision? Give us a call at Zweig Schwartzman Prosthodontics, where you can receive the respectful and effective treatments you need, all while receiving the dental education necessary for making the right decisions given your particular condition and preferred treatment paths. Call us today to learn if ALL on 4 implants might be the dental breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

Dental implants offer an aesthetically pleasing, highly-effective tooth replacement method that will leave you feeling like you never lost whatever missing teeth you have in the first place. Most of the time, Beverly Hills dental implants involve the surgical placement of small metal structures in the gums, with one structure being used as the anchor for one replacement tooth custom-made to fit your smile and just as strong (if not stronger) than the tooth it replaces. At Zweig Schwartzman Prosthodontics, we’re proud to offer an even better alternative that builds on the highly effective results of normal dental implants. With ALL on 4 implants, it becomes possible to surgically place fewer metal structures, allowing some anchors to keep more than one replacement cap in place. This is easier on the jaw bone and makes it possible for a simpler surgical procedure and a simpler healing process.

Thinking ALL on 4 implants might off the Beverly Hills dental implants experience that you’ve always hoped for? Find out for sure by calling Zqeig Schwartzman Prosthodontics today. After an initial consultation, we can walk you through the possible procedures that will help you reach your smile goals, moving step-by-step so yu know exactly what to expect. Trust us, you won’t have such an easy, informative, and even interesting experience tailored to your individual needs anywhere else in the Beverly Hills area!

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