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Beverly Hills Dentist

CEREC crowns in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills dentist

Beverly Hills dentist

If you need to get a new dental crown, but do not want to have to spend your time making many trips to the dentist’s office, you should visit our dental practice, Zweig Schwartzman Prosthodontics. Our two top-notch prosthodontists are Dr. Alan Zweig and Dr. Aaron Schwartzman. Our Beverly Hills dentist can provide you with same-day CEREC crowns so that you can get a beautiful new crown in the same day that other dental care is provided.

At our prosthodontics practice, our Beverly Hills dentist is very happy to offer the option of same-day CEREC crowns. This means that a patient can be fitted and receives their CEREC crown in one short office visit, rather than need to make several trips to our office in order to receive a more traditional crown. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. This modern dental procedure offers many benefits to our patients. It can be used to create crowns, onlays, inlays or even dental veneer. However, our prosthodontist can use CEREC to create these ceramic restorations in only a matter of minutes. So many patients are able to have dental work performed, get a beautiful and permanent CEREC crown, and then leave our office with the work fully completed after one short office visit. CEREC uses CAD/CAM computer technology and a milling machine that is located in our office. Our dentist will use this computer technology to send pictures of your tooth to the milling machine. The milling machine will then mill the crown out of a solid ceramic block, in a matter of minutes. This very crown will be your permanent tooth replacement. This is a great benefit to patients who do not like to spend a lot of time at the dentist’s office due to busy schedules or even stress or anxiety. CEREC also reduces the cost of getting a new crown.

For an appointment to meet with our Beverly Hills dentist regarding getting a CEREC crown, contact us today.

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