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Beverly Hills Prosthodontics

Crowns in Beverly Hills

It would be wonderful if all of your teeth would remain whole, attractive, and your smile was complete for your entire life. We all know, however, that at various times, you’re going to need the types of services that we proudly offer here at Zweig Schwartzman Prosthodontics. With crowns, veneers, and dentures, you can look forward to functional and appealing teeth now and in the future.

Among restorations at our Beverly Hills prosthodontics, crowns are undoubtedly the most versatile. They are used for cosmetic purposes when you have a tooth that is crooked, misshaped, or discolored. Functionally, crowns strengthen teeth that have suffered advanced decay or have been chipped or cracked. Should you need root canal, you will need a crown to restore the tooth to full size after it heals. In fact, they are even used as key parts for full-tooth restorations. A crown is the tooth portion of a dental implant, and they are used to anchor fixed bridges. Dentures, a removable full-tooth restoration, can be made as either partial or full, depending on if you need to replace just a few teeth or all of them on one jaw. Held in with dental adhesive and clasps (for partials), dentures remain a simple, effective, and cost efficient method for addressing tooth loss. And they are a frequent service provided by our Beverly Hills prosthodontics. Veneers serve a similar cosmetic purpose to crowns, except that they go in front of your tooth instead of on top. Enhance the appearance of one, several, or all of your teeth with these thin shells made from porcelain. You’ll be excited to show off your smile.

Let our Beverly Hills prosthodontics improve the look, strength, and longevity of your teeth, or replace ones that are missing. Call us and we will schedule you for a consultation.

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